AiRo is a first-of-its kind, self-service artificial intelligence product enabling clients to singlehandedly set up and manage AI modeling to fit their unique business needs.

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Product features

Highly configurable and easy to deploy, AiRo can be adapted to suit any business and every user. With AiRo, your enterprise will benefit from:


Client-controlled data

Assemble and add your telephony, CRM, third party, and outcome data to one centralized portal, and test the integrity of your data before the model runs


Adaptable optimization metrics

Select the optimization metric most aligned with your desired business outcomes


Intuitive AI model selection

Define, preview, and deploy your AI model based on business goals, and easily track performance


Detailed Insights Portal

Customize your dashboard to view performance insights in real-time, track historic results, and receive AI-driven recommendations for further optimization


Downloadable data enhancement packs

Enhance performance with industry-specific third party data


24/7 support

Gain expert guidance and troubleshooting tips

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Precisely measurable results

Just like Afiniti Enterprise, AiRo delivers precisely measurable results. Using an interactive dashboard, AiRo allows clients’ data teams to forecast and measure the benefit AiRo generates in real-time.

AiRo uses the same patented approach as Afiniti Enterprise in which our AI algorithm cycles ON and OFF in short periods of time.

Typically, clients start with 25 minutes on, 25 minutes off, 25 minutes on, 25 minutes off, and so on. By comparing performance between the on and off periods, Afiniti is able to demonstrate the precise value generated for clients.

Where it works

Businesses with 30-300 contact center agents benefit the most from AiRo.

AiRo’s basic version optimizes for operational metrics including average handle time and first call resolution. AiRo clients can purchase additional optimization metric options depending on their business goals, including a variety of revenue optimization and cost metrics.

Today, Afiniti is optimizing a wide range of metrics including:


Customer and agent satisfaction

Lifetime value

Sales, retention, cross-sell, up-sell, adherence rate


Collections, Claims and First Call Resolution

How it works


AiRo is natively integrated within Avaya Aura Elite platforms, and neither on-premise nor cloud deployments impact clients’ existing contact center operations in any way.

Set-up and deployment is intuitive and typically takes a matter of days. Afiniti will provide comprehensive documentation, tutorial videos, and support to best equip clients to own and manage the platform. Once AiRo is running, customers can interact with the interface to experiment with data sources, identify additional optimization metrics, and tweak operating constraints.

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Strategic Partnerships

Afiniti and Avaya, the leading contact center infrastructure provider, have a decade-long partnership that brings the power of AI to the telephony environment, and makes deployment up to 80% faster through native integration.

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Our products

Afiniti’s award-winning behavioral pairing technology is available in two products: AiRo and Enterprise. Each product combines behavioral data with artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve the quality of customer interactions.


30-300 agent seats in a queue

ACD switch data only

Operational metric optimization only

Free for Avaya CC Elite customers

On-premise or cloud deployment

Basic customer support

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30-300 agent seats in a queue

ACD switch data, up to 7 model features, data enhancements available

Usage-based pricing

On-premise or cloud deployment

Limited customer support

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Over 300 agent seats in a queue

ACD switch data, unlimited model features, CRM, and third party data fields

Pay-for-performance or fixed monthly fee

On-premise or cloud deployment

Ongoing full support from Afiniti

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