Explore frequently asked questions and learn more about how Afiniti can benefit your company

  • What are the benefits of Afiniti?

    All Afiniti products enable businesses to better pair customers and employees in a way that improves satisfaction and drives value without any disruption to existing contact center operations. Afiniti works closely with its clients to select the metric(s) to optimize for that will have the largest impact on business, and its AI models continually learn and adapt to deliver measurable value every day.

  • What is AiRo?

    Highly configurable and easy to deploy, it is an automated, self-service product for companies without large in-house data science teams.

  • How do I choose between AiRo and Enterprise?

    Afiniti Enterprise best serves large enterprises with at least 300 contact center agent seats, whereas AiRo is for smaller businesses with 30 – 300 agent seats. While Afiniti’s data and AI teams manage almost all aspects of Enterprise for clients, AiRo is a self-service product with a smaller scope of data inputs.

  • Why should I purchase additional AiRo features?

    AiRo is a free product that includes telephony data, thus the out-of-the-box version solely optimizes telephony variables, like AHT. Purchasing additional capabilities within AiRo allows clients to optimize a greater variety of metrics, including incremental revenue.

  • How do I input data to AiRo?

    Afiniti consults with new clients to determine which data to feed into the AI model to ensure the best possible outcome. Clients are able to input their own data feeds using step-by-step instructions on the dashboard.

  • Can I buy more data?

    Yes, third party data sets are available for purchase to supplement client’s internal data and further power AI models. Industry-specific data sets are available and are priced individually.

  • How do I know it’s working?

    AiRo clients are able to monitor AI performance in real-time and historically via a web interface. Clients are able to see metrics such as the exact dollar amount of incremental economic value delivered to their business, the percent gain when Afiniti is running, and progress towards goals for KPIs. AiRo provides a unique set of insights into agents and performance.

  • Will contact center agents or managers notice a difference when AiRo is running?

    Afiniti deployments never disrupt existing contact center operations. All SLAs are adhered to, and routing is imperceptible to callers and agents alike. Unlike other intelligent routing methods, behavioral pairing ensures that agents are utilized equally. Contact center employees report decreased agent turnover, increased job satisfaction, and higher first call resolution rates.

  • How easy is it to upgrade products?

    If a company initially adopts AiRo and their organization grows significantly, or they feel they would benefit from having more data sources helping to provide insights, they can easily upgrade to Afiniti Enterprise. In this situation, Afiniti would conduct a full analysis of all possible data sources, expanding beyond the seven sources that are included with AiRo. We would also consider expanding the choice of agents available in the pairing optimization. Upgrading delivers significantly more value once companies reach the size that makes Enterprise deployment viable.